Saturday, May 21, 2011


Friday, May 13, 2011

What happened..

Sorry for not updating for like years haha. Exam mode bebeh haha. Must study hard hehe. I don't want any fail for this mid year examination. Since my addmaths and physics is ke laut... so I cannot go online sobsob. My abah brings the laptop and the broadband back to his place. So, weekends is the only time where you'd see me updating status on fb haha or maybe on evening when I'd be lepak2 at Aliff with my mum makan roti tisu haha or maybe on weekdays night masa makan kat chamek with my sis and some of our friends haha. damn specific habis aku???

Anyway, 1 week exams is finished. Hehe 2 weeks left. Semua teras is done hehehuhuhoho. Really hope I'd get A's for teras subject haha. But I'm not sure for Maths. My teacher, em she's a great teacher but I don't get what she's teaching. And subject yang masuk is until statistics III but she only taught the whole class till like the class interval for statistics. None of them masuk kepala aku. Man like seriously, quite memalukan when you don't get good grade for Maths -.- but anyway, I did my best. So, whatever

About the guy I like at school. It's not just me yang suka dia haha some of my friends like him too. He got everything like a real guy need, well based on what I think lah, haha I don't know about others. K must stop talking about him. Nothing will change except I'd like him much more than I do now haha

K lah nak speaking BM pulak. Ni last aku cakap pasal dia, last last. Budaktucomelgilaakusukagilatapiakutaktaukenapaakusukadiamacamnakgilaakunipelikbetul. K bai!
There's this guy I look forward to when I'm at school. I wonder if he ever noticed me. LOL

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Heylo freaks. here i am today to tell you that... I love my siblings! haha kbye.