Monday, January 24, 2011

Now that I'm sixteen

There's a list of what I wanna do this year:

1. I want to understand addmath better!
2. I don't wanna fail any paper from the first test till SPM next year. Amin
3. I wanna grow up and think even more mature than now
4. I wanna be funny! so that everyone will remember me better! haha
5. I wanna wear pretty things so I'd feel even more confident! LOL
6. I wanna have fun but still, I don't wanna forget my studies.
7. I wanna know what love is... LOLJK
8. I wanna stalk people on fb daily hahaha
9. I wanna buy lots and lots and lots of jumpsuit!
10. Lastly, I wanna show you this.....

me when im bored.