Saturday, March 12, 2011

#quick update

Hehehehe lama no see me writing aitee :) So, last week was exam week.. I got my result edi.. Wanna know??? but my result tak malatop lah uolls. I got one fail seyy for this very first exam. sob sad but what to do kan, the result tu mcm kira tunjuk usaha kita lah kan haha. So, I got an A+ for my Agama hehe. alah Agama je kan, kacang je hehe ;p then bm, bi, mathmod is an A je. 2A- which is chemistry and sejarah. 1B, biology and 2C, account and physics and... 1G bahahaha which is addmath lolss. Hehe anyway I put on braces! Wanna see the picture??? Go to my fb la hehe klah boii :)